LogicTank: World Markets and Finance

Open your daily paper, if it publishes news of any clout the front page will mention economics, one of the present most interesting fields of study that discards all prior knowledge of man and starts right back at the beginning.

It can make you a lot of money, highly knowledgeable and effects every person you meet. It can also pull you into poverty, make you look like a fool and create social chaos.

In the last century it has made its presence known as independent field of study with a lot to say.

It’s philosophical background, logical methodology and political influence are not just academic rhetoric anymore but are directly pulled on when making decisions that effect the system your life is set in and the daily choices you make.

Whether economics is right in its assumption of human beings as rational beings is of direct consequence to political decisions such as monetary policy, which in turn is responsible for the price of your daily bread, the comfort of your house or access in your city and whether you can afford that holiday next year.

It is the difference between London city

England, The City of London.

England, The City of London.

and Dharavi Slum

India, Dhavari Slum

India, Dharavi Slum

Economics is the subject which sets the political framework that turns your effort into prosperity or sets it up to be wasted or unfruitful.

This blog means to pull out the logical implications of this science on personal finance. Publishing world news, economic implementation and conceptual analysis. Non of them exist separately, or without consideration, to each other.

Comments and suggestions will be responded to promptly, critiques and rants are welcome or feel free to just sit and read.

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